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June 7, 2013
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Guess who tried out for an RP group ; U ;


My Application for :iconmonsteracademy:

:bulletorange:NAME: Phenex

:bulletorange:GLAMOR NAME: Chaemin Park

:bulletorange:AGE: 150 since Last Rebirth

:bulletorange:GLAMOR AGE: 19

:bulletorange:MONSTER TYPE: Bird-Demon / Phoenix-Demon (How do well call that)

:bulletorange:NATURAL WEAPONS: Claws and Loud Voice

:bulletorange:TRAINED WEAPONS:

+ FIRE MAGIC - It's only natural for a fire-based demon like him to know and control fire, but after every rebirth he has to re-learn as it doesn't always come back to him in an instant.

+ HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT - He only uses this in his human form. When he was young, he was formally trained to use his hands and feet to protect himself.

+ KNIVES - He also uses this in human form as well. He isn't very fond of knives, but he knows how to use one close range and far range.

:bulletorange:GRADE: Freshman

:bulletorange:CURRENT CLASSES: None

:bulletorange:PASSED CLASSES: None

:bulletorange:CURRENT POINTS: Currently Zero

:bulletorange:FAVORITE CLASS: Mystics and Magic

:bulletorange:WORST CLASS: Mischief and Mayhem


+ WATER - He is very vunerable and considerably much weaker when exposed to or splashed on by water. He is even weaker when the water is cold.

+ IRON - If he touches iron, pure or not, his skin will burn and start to melt. He gets very uptight around iron, as the smell makes him dizzy as well.

+ SILVER - Despite being a demon, he himself is also weak towards silver. The shine they have hurts his eyes and if he touches silver he will be unable to use his powers because the silver completely blocks it out.

+ WEATHER CHANGE - His abilities somewhat depend on the weather. If it's summer and it's all hot, or when it's a very hot time of the year or whatnot, his powers are at their fullest, even at night. However, should it be cloudy or rainy or stormy, his powers are weakened and he can only be rendered useful in his human form, where he has properly trained weapons.

+ ICE - He cannot stand ice, and it 'burns' him like fire (red marks on his skin). So all his beverages are either JUST CHILLED or no Ice at all, hence he drinks coffee or hot drinks more often.

:bulletorange:MAJOR SKILLS:

+ CONTROLLING FIRE - It's self-explanatory, but he cannot control another student's fire abilities. He can play tricks around the kitchen or whatnot, but he is more powerful in his true form, seeing that he sees his human form as a "Human Vessel"

+ SPELL CANCEL - He has enough power to cancel out his and his opponent's magic. However, this doesn't always work. It depends on how strong his opponent is. They are canceled for a time, but if his opponent is weaker or just as strong as him, they are canceled out until either is defeated or surrendered. If his opponent is stronger than him, all he is going to do is cancel out his OWN powers, rendering him helpless and only able to use his knives and hand to hand combat.

+ SUMMONING - He can summon these tiny fire demons in the form of will-o-wisps to do his bidding for him. He also uses this as a form of communication to his friends or teachers if he isn't available. If in trouble, he can summon small bird demons to help him out as well.

:bulletorange:MINOR SKILLS:

+ SUPERHUMAN SPEED - In Human form, he can move a lot faster than a normal human. This though, is not close to "teleportation" in the least.

+ COMMUNICATION WITH AVIANS - He can understand birds, and he even talks to them in his free time. He usually speaks to swallows, owls, hummingbirds and sparrows, as he still has yet to speak to other birds.

+ SHAPE-SHIFTING - He can turn into a bird, mainly a Bird of Paradise, Swallow, Robin or Sparrow.


Phenex is hyperactive, energetic and fun-loving. He likes to pull off pranks and crack jokes on anyone, stranger or not. He hates being holed up in one area, and hops from place to place. He gets very talkative and annoying, and seriously a chatterbox. You'll never hear the end of it. He keeps himself updated in human things and updates himself in trends (even if he doesn't really follow them.) He does what he wants, and pushes away people who judge him for it. He doesn't have much sense of authority, but he gets intimidated by some other monsters, especially his teachers and the head mistress.

He can be friendly to anyone at all, even if you're another monster or human nice enough to not kill him. If you want to kill him in a serious manner, he'll do it back. He won't really hurt you, but he'll try to intimidate you,. If you're nice enough, he'll treat you to food in human form, and bring you cute firebirds as a demon. He treasures those he has, not matter how stringed their relationship is. He people around him, even if they don't get along well. He does his best to protect them, even if they argue so much.


Phenex was born out of a Vermillion Bird and a Demon, as strange as that might sound. They had him (in their human forms) in the Island of Jeju, Korea. He was named Phenex in homage to the 37th Demon of Goetia himself. They had lived normally as humans, both parents and him managing to hold their human forms well. They lived near villages 150 years ago, and lived as fishermen and hunters and traders. when he was 20, they moved to the mountains to become farmers and hunters. It was also easier for his parents to teach him fire magic and how to transform into birds. He had his life easy, and he enjoyed it. A year later, monks and martial arts teachers built up a dojang for the resident villagers. He took the chance, and joined in, training himself in martial arts. He was happy with his life, until more modernization had taken over Korea. His parents wanted a better life for him, and thus when he was 55, they moved to Seoul for better work and an easier life. It was busy, but he was used to doing hard work. He enrolled in normal schools from time to time, making friends here and there.

One day, when he was already 135, he was seen on the spot (accidentally) showing his fire abilities. They were doing a play in school about a phoenix in human form, and he was selected for the role. This one part, he had to snap his fingers to set a house on fire. He did so, and the props immediately caught flame. He got too carried away and didn't know he had used his powers. the other students saw him as a freak who could do such things. He was so distraught he also randomly set things on fire without even thinking about it. He dropped out and in a fit of panic, took a flight to some area he didn't care he said. He did say 'Nacoir' because he thought it sounded like a place where he wouldn't be found out and could hide. He was so ashamed of himself of what he did and that he scared humans off. He knew what he was, but he could hold in his human form, how could he be reckless enough to not be able to handle his abilities? He took the flight to Nacoir, and decided to settle down immediately in Cadance. He had lived well there, he was happy. He worked as a photographer and all, he made friends as well. He didn't see anything that went wrong.

It was so sudden when young people from all around Cadance and whatnot have been excited and enrolling in this one school. he missed how it would be to live in a dorm, make friends with people who related to him. But at 150, he had lost ability to control his human form, and only showed his true form. the more he hid, and only went out at night. He ran into another monster like him, but he was afraid and retreated. The other kindly asked him if he was enrolled in Monster Academy, and he had no idea what that was. He decided to check it out, and wow he was in for a surprise. He felt a little more relived, and enrolled himself right up. He figured it would be better to make friends who are just like him, and fit in a place where they are all similar, and nobody has to be the freak.


Wow that was long eek
I may not have all the time to RP, but I RP via Notes and DA Chat ;) If you'd like, I like to consider comment RPs too <3

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